About Qatar Chamber

Qatar Chamber was established in 1963 by virtue of Law No (4) of the year 1963 as one of the oldest chambers of commerce in the GCC countries. It aims to organize business interests and represent the Qatar private sector locally and globally.

The Chamber’s competences:
1. Collecting, arranging and publishing information and statistics about commerce, industry and agriculture sectors and providing the government with the required data, information and opinions related to commercial, industrial and agricultural issues.
2. Expressing views – in an advisory capacity – with respect to the establishment of stock exchanges; commercial, industrial and agricultural markets and fairs as well as to the granting of franchising related to public utilities.
3. Providing ministries and competent authorities with proposals and opinions concerning laws and regulations relating to the commerce, industry and agriculture.
4. Appointing commercial, industrial or agricultural experts for studying and reviewing the commercial, industrial or agricultural issues, and to examine the commodities in disputed and to ratify the experts’ testimonies in this regard.
5. Organizing commercial, industrial and agricultural expos, fairs, museums and souks (markets), as well as other facilities within the frame of the laws and regulations.
6. Holding economic conferences inside or outside Qatar .
7. Issuance certificates of origin, the nationality of exporters and prices of commodities.
8. Settling disputes upon the desire of disputing parties with alternative means.
9. Approving data and documents of individuals and commercial companies when applying for the commercial registration, renewing or amending.

Chamber Constituents:
• General Assembly
• Chamber’s Board of Directors
• Chairman of the Board
• Vice Chairman
• Honorary Treasurer
• Executive Office
• Committees
• Chamber’s executive body